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Financial Planning


Client goals and concerns are prioritized and risk tolerance is assessed. A snapshot of client’s current financial position and behavior is documented. A forecast is made to assess the match between your current position and behavior and stated goals. For more info, go to our Financial Planning page.

Investment Management


Current asset allocation is reviewed in light of the client’s risk tolerance. Current investments are assessed for performance, risk, and diversification. If appropriate, asset allocation changes are suggested. We offer quarterly reports and yearly re-balancing. Investment management is done on a non-discretionary basis. No load, commission free mutual funds are recommended. Current equity positions are analyzed for diversification and risk tolerance. See the Investment Management page for more info.

​Estate and Tax Strategies

Existing tax and estate documents are reviewed. Where appropriate, tax-planning strategies are suggested. Estate documents such as wills, trusts, and health care proxies are suggested to match client goals and minimize estate taxes where appropriate.

Only estate and tax planning services are offered. We do not practice law, draft legal documents or prepare income taxes. Please review all planning suggestions with your accountant and/or attorney.

Retirement Planning


Client’s current retirement plan is reviewed. Projections are made to determine if client will outlive assets. If appropriate, portfolio changes are recommended and required qualified distributions are reviewed.

Medicaid Planning

Planning options for elder care are reviewed. Where appropriate, specialist consultations are recommended.

Specific Goal Planning

Education Planning.
Divorce Planning.
Lifestyle change Planning.
Relocation Planning.
Small Business Planning.

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