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Investment Philosophy
• Fee-Only. Advice is free of potential conflicts of interest.
• Non-discretionary meaning we consult clients before implementing investment choices.
• Maintain the confidentiality of client relationships and data as stated in the Privacy Policy.
• Bound by the code of ethics of the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards.
• Adhere to the high CE standards of NAPFA—National Association of Personal Financial Advisors.

Interaction with Clients
• Learn your goals and concerns.
• Assess your financial situation using the discipline of financial planning.
• Develop an integrated investment plan based on your goals, concerns, time horizon, risk tolerance and financial situation.
• Tailor an investment portfolio for your review and approval to implement your investment plan.

Key Principles
Markets Work
• Research based on Efficient Markets Hypothesis.
Risk and Return are Related
• Investment strategies guided by Fama/French multifactor models.
Diversification is Essential
• Portfolio structured to provide comprehensive asset class allocation and international exposure.
Structure Determines Performance
• Asset allocation explains most of the variation in portfolio returns.

Preferred Securities
• No Load, low cost mutual funds: provide cost-effective access to
investment diversification across sectors. Approved provider of Dimensional
Funds. For more information about these funds please visit

Other Considerations
• Tax status of account: taxable, tax-deferred
• Account restrictions (e.g., 401k alternatives)
• Custodian constraints (e.g., funds network)
• Fit with other securities owned

Communications and reports
• Monthly statements from your custodian.
• Quarterly position and performance reports from NF.
• Year-end position and performance report from NF.
• Periodic comments and notes from NF.

• More frequent meetings are common at the beginning of the relationship.
• Meetings then usually occur annually or upon request.

• Depends on type of Assets Under Management.

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